C & G Sourcing Solutions is a unique and innovative service for your business.

Founded by partners Chris, here in the UK, and Gaofeng, based in China, the company offers a service like no other, sourcing high-quality items for you to sell.

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C & G aim to source any product you might possibly need for your business venture. In the past, we have worked with companies to source kitchenware, sports items, metal products and numerous other everyday items. We aim to take away the time and stress for you and source only the highest quality items .

Who we are

C & G Sourcing Solutions have a combined experience of over 30 years sourcing retail items from China. Chris has been importing items since he was 16 years old, selling them on in his successful retail business. He has built up a nose for quality and great service from the Chinese, having suffered the experience of many bad sales.

However, it is his determination to find the best products for the best price that has led to him building up a trusted supplier list.

Gaofeng runs a successful product development business in China. Trading since 2013, he has helped launch a number of new products, many of which are sold on the UK marketplace.

His skills in sourcing and managing, combined with business communication skills built up over 14 years in the manufacturing industry, make him the best possible partner for C & G Sourcing Solutions.

The process


We carefully review your enquiry and requirements and make sure we have all the information required so we can start the process of sourcing. It is this thorough starting process that prevents the hassle of going back and forth with you.


We start the sourcing process, finding different manufacturers in China that produce your item. We will then visit at least three of these companies so we can compare the MOQ, lead time, price and quality control systems.


We provide you (the client) with a detailed quotation sheet. This will show you estimated costings, picture samples, lead times and other useful information.


Once you’re happy to proceed we will choose two of the manufacturers to provide a sample of their product (costs on detailed quotation sheet) so you have a visual representation.

Product Specification

Once the sample has been reviewed by yourself and you have chosen to go ahead with one company, we will produce a detailed product specification document which will ensure the highest accuracy and consistency during the manufacturing process. This will include, product materials, size, colour, special requirements, packaging requirements and anything else of importance. This will also include material safe data sheets.

Goods Ordered

When you’re happy with everything you place the order. We will require a deposit amount of 50%. The remaining balance is due once the goods are complete in China and we have sent you visual inspection documents and pictures of your goods.

Why choose us

With over 30 years’ sourcing experience between us, C & G Sourcing Solutions have the best contacts and incredible business savvy to ensure you are always receiving the best service and the best products that your money can buy. We have a vested interest in your products selling well, since your happiness will bring you back to us again and again! If your business does well, our business does well!

What makes us different

We think it is important to have a base in both countries for our clients to liaise with. Chris is the best source of contact in the UK for British customers, since he understands the needs and the business environment at the current time. Running a retail business himself, he needs to know the market inside-out and his clients can also benefit from this experience.

However, the Chinese business world is very different, so it takes someone with Gaofeng’s experience to negotiate the best deals. He understands the culture and has the communication skills necessary to build up favourable relationships with all the best suppliers, ensuring high-quality products every single time!